Balloon Twisting Class 102 -Moderate (3pm-4pm)
Balloon Twisting Class 102 -Moderate (3pm-4pm)

Balloon Twisting Class 102 -Moderate (3pm-4pm)

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This is a class for anyone who has made balloons at least once in their life. If you know what a pinch twist, or a tulip twist is and how to make one, this is the class for you! 

Class will be every Wednesday Starting June 30th and Ending on July 28th. One time available for this class: 3-4pm.

We will go over multiple balloon twisting concepts and teaching more advanced designs from the 101 class. Depending on the speed of the participants we will move into using hearts and other odd shapes into our designs.  

Examples of designs we will learn in this class:

Dragon, dog with bone, lion with multi color, tiger, giraffe, elephant, t-rex, monkey, etc. 

This class comes with a Starter kit that includes a hand pump and a bag of 100 balloons to practice at home.

Additional bags of balloons can be purchased. This class may want to buy single color bags. 1 bag of multi color is 2 single color bags. They can be picked out in class. 

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