SLC Pride 2018

We have been a part of doing the balloons for Weber State Universities parade floats for about 5 years now. 

Every year we look to add more to the design and style of what we did the year before. This year we wanted test our skills. Debbie (head SLC balloon artist) and Jeffery (head balloon artist for Davis and Weber county) began talking design a month in advance. 

One of the hardest parts about designing a dress is getting the sizing right. The dress and outfit required several different type of balloon weaves to get the look just right. The base of the dress and outfit are a standard weave but the black trim used some fun weaves to give it a great lace look. The wings used a 4 balloon triangular weave making it have the slight curve we wanted to get a fairy wing look. It also made them sturdy for the movement they would go through during the parade. 

Debbie had the great idea to add the fans to give to our models John and Amber. It gave them something to give them some shade and the movement of the fans really adding to their great presentation. 

Us at Locally Twisted are grateful to John and Amber for wearing these balloons. Balloon can be very difficult to walk in and can get very very warm. They did an amazing job. We constantly hear people tell us the balloon dress and outfit were their favorite part of the parade. 


Make sure to follow us on fb and insta as we will be doing many more dresses this year. We have been talking about doing one for Provo, Utah pride this year.